Hello 2016!

    Although we've had a chilly start to our new year.... Here at Avis Car Sales we are fired up and ready to take on 2016! We've completely updated our inventory and continued to improve our customer service to new heights! With all this snow on the ground, I thought I could share a couple helpful winter tips!
1. Check Those Wipers!
    -Make sure your windshield wipers are clean and free from any ice or snow. Buildup of ice on the wipers can cause major issues in efficiency. Also, make sure to switch your wipers to OFF when you turn off your car! That way if they are frozen stuck, the motor wont be fighting to move them and burn up. 
2. Check Tire Pressure!
    - For about every 10 degrees you drop in temperature, you love around 1 lb of air pressure. An under-inflated tire wont "bite" through the snow and could result in loss of traction and control. So make sure to check them regularly with how often our temperature changes! 
Of course these are great things to keep in mind, but also sometimes the best option is to get out of that older vehicle and into a newer/safer model. As technology has advanced, so has the safety features in our vehicles. Improved Anti-lock brakes, updated traction control, Engine Block Heaters, All-Wheel Drive, and many more have saved lives in harsh driving conditions. So if you're worried about your car being able to even make it over here, Give me a call and let me help you get into a car that is going to be safer and that you're going to love.